Home Renovation in Winter vs Summer
What is the best time to start your Home Renovation project?

Most remodeling projects occur during the spring and summer seasons, but it is not uncommon to have a winter project. Renovation can occur at any time, but certain seasons are better than others due to urgency, cost, contractor availability, and time. Each season comes with its own set of advantages. You can save money during winter, but it is prudent to do any basement development during the warm summer. Find out which of the two seasons best suits your needs.


Renovation in Winter




Winter may seem like an unusual time to start your home renovation, but it is a great time to make some changes. Since it is a slow time for contractors, you will get more callbacks and enjoy your contractor’s full attention. Additionally, there are a lot of off-season sales and discounts, which make remodeling cheaper and budget-friendly. Winter is also a great time to reinsulate your attic and crawl spaces without the sweltering heat of summer. Plus, you can get your house cozy and warm in preparation for holiday get-togethers.


If you want to add an extra room or two, consider taking advantage of the frozen ground. It is better for digging foundations and pouring concrete, compared to the muddy ground in spring and summer. But if you need some indoor work done, you can schedule your bathroom renovation and update your plumbing fixtures. There will be multiple appliances and materials to choose from since there is low demand.


Renovation in Summer


Summer is a popular time for home makeovers. Contractors are readily available, and you can get more work done outside. The weather is perfect, and it lucks to the rainy, icy, and muddy messiness of winter. This makes it the best time to build a fire pit, put up a new fence, or do some landscaping. You can easily avoid the inconvenience of remodeling by scheduling a vacation with your family. After all, a renovation tears down your home. You have to rearrange furniture, put up with construction noises and tolerate the dust. A vacation would be the perfect excuse to get away from it all, as long as you plan and leave everything is well organized. Summer is also perfect for a kitchen renovation since the weather is conducive to outdoor cooking. You can also take this time to improve lighting in the kitchen and other parts of the house. It is also the best time to start your basement development project, since it won’t be as cold as winter. Overall, some remodeling projects such as roofing work best during the summer because of the heat. Certain roofing materials need higher temperatures to seal.

Get Your House Renovated

In the long run, the best time to get your house renovated is when you are ready. There is a lot of planning, research, and preparation to be done, so take your time. Remember, it is better to push back your remodeling project than jump into it unprepared.

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