Secondary Suite

With Growing Need for basements, the extra space in the basement can bring you Potential Rental Income Under Your Roof that unfinished basement full of discarded items could easily provide extra monthly income.

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Benefits Of secondary suite

Extra Source of Income

A basement suite allows you to make additional income without the complications of owning a second property. A renter provides a passive income for your household. A basement suite does not take much time or money to maintain. A basement rental suite also allows you to offset your taxes by providing additional tax deductibles. 

Seprate Entrance

Extra Sense of privacy with a Sperate entrance to your secondary basement suite.

Win-Win for Tenants and Landlords

Income for potential landlords and affordable housing for low-income residents. It allow renters to live in lower density neighborhoods, usually include access to a yard, and are in close proximity to schools, shopping, recreation and other amenities.

Multi-Generational Living

Many different cultures from around the world still honor the tradition of having grandparents live with them. It’s also common for adult children to live at home for longer while achieving higher levels of education. Secondary suites allow for families to enjoy closeness, while still having the option for privacy too.

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, keep in mind that this addition will increase your property’s value. Walk-out basements are considered as increased living space. This addition will increase your property’s price on the real estate market, so it is a pretty smart investment.

Reduce Urban Sprawl

By using the space more efficiently, more people are able to live on the same piece of land, which reduces the need for communities to continue to build outwards.

our development PROCESS
Plan / Project

Homeowners come to Ace Quality in various decision-making points and states of readiness to make decisions. So we start at the beginning – What are your goals? From there we help answer questions like: “Do we stay or do we go?”, “Do we add space or reconfigure what we have?”


Your goals are the basis of everything we do at  Ace Quality and the key to designing your future GREAT home. We strive to find space, create surprising efficiencies and design beautiful spaces that achieve goals and budget. This process results in 90% of our design projects moving immediately to construction.

Renovation Build

Once you are ready for construction, one of our project managers becomes your day-to-day communicator. We use  online project management tool – so you have both the personal care of your PM paired with on-demand information and communication.

Our Projects
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why choose ace quality?

Our team has 20+ years of expertise remodeling and renovating basements all over the Edmonton area.

Best Prices

Though our relationships with suppliers, we can get the best prices for materials.

FREE consultation

We offer each potential client a FREE in-home consultation where we evaluate your project and offer suggestions based on our years of experience

Skill Experts

Our employees have varied skill sets, meaning every aspect of your project including plumbing, painting and electrical can be completed by one of our team members.

Project management

We get in and out quickly and safely and make beautiful, lasting projects that will please your eye and your wallet.

no surprises

We put in the necessary time upfront to avoid surprises later on. That being said, if you decide something must be changed, we will accommodate your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you’re looking to for the leading basement development/remodeling contractors in the Edmonton area, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced team can give you the basement of your dreams quickly and economically.